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Successfully Managing Construction Projects & Risk Management
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Internal Audit Tools, Techniques & New Approaches 2019
Strategic Project Management & Cost Control
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Successfully Managing Construction Projects & Risk Management


Effective strategies and practical techniques in construction projects & risk management to anticipate, prevent, and manage the challenges that come with construction projects of any scope


Most presentations will be in Thai. / ดำเนินการสัมมนาส่วนใหญ่เป็นภาษาไทย

With Thailand witnessing growth of large infrastructure and construction projects, there is a greater emphasis on timely completion of projects within the scheduled budgets and delivering good quality projects. Companies need to reconsider the effectiveness of their checks and balances at the project level. These could include special task groups for monitoring critical projects, land approvals, environmental management systems, improved quality assurance and health and safety monitoring. Moreover, professionals need to be well conversant with every nook and cranny of the contracting process in order to improve productivity and operational efficiency.

To help construction professionals to review risk factors and manage projects more effectively, Asia Business Connect is proud to organize a “Successfully Managing Construction Projects & Risk Management” conference. This 2-day event aims to explore future business opportunities and industry trends, hear best practices on project design, planning, control and monitoring, tackle the talent and material shortages, hear best practices on regulatory & contractual compliance, evaluation of project risks, limitation of liabilities, force majeure, indemnity, guarantee and dispute resolution mechanisms.

  Interactive Panel Discussion on Addressing the markets, challenges and opportunities in Thailand for infrastructure & construction projects – investing in the right projects
  Real-life Case studies from leading organizations
  • Contract negotiating best practices for construction professionals
  • Managing tax risk in construction projects
  Public-private partnerships – getting the agreement right to ensure an equitable contract for all parties
  Effective project cost risk management: critical risk factors and strategic implementation
  FIDIC based contracts and its implications
  Environment impact assessment (EIA) and related regulations: how to manage it proactively
  Drafting dispute resolution clauses in contracts to avoid or minimize costs of disputes


Updates on Thailand’s current trend and plan for infrastructure and construction project development in 2019
Get practical knowledge for immediate use in your daily management of construction contracts and projects
Develop a strategy that reduces the risks associated with construction contracts
Discuss on EPC contract management to practically influence industry progress
Effectively control costs in various processes
Settle construction tax planning and management in compliance with the law & regulations to minimize disputes
Analyze areas of delay and ensuring steps taken to overcome delays

Managing Directors/General Managers/Directors/Vice Presidents/Senior Managers/Managers who are responsible for :
• Construction
• Projects/Project Management
• Engineering
• Operations
• Risk Management
• Quality Management
• Procurement
• Project Design
• Project Planning
• Project Costing
• Contract Management
• Business Development
• Purchase and Procurement
DECIDE and ACT NOW by registering yourself and your key team members to secure seats early on this must-not-miss event of the year!


If you have any queries about this training course, please call +66(0)2714 1616 (Automatic line), Hotline : +66(0)87 029 3939 or contact us online


Why Not Train More People for Less Money?

If you have a team of 15 people and more who need to attend this training, it is more cost effective to have this course customized to your organization – at your training site. Saving can be significant.

For more information, please contact us at 02 714 1616 or leave your message here.


Talent Management & Leadership Development in Today's Disruptive World
Business Planning in Disruptive World
Advanced Contract Drafting & Win-Win Negotiation Strategies
Dynamic Budgeting and Forecasting
Internal Audit Tools, Techniques & New Approaches 2019
Strategic Project Management & Cost Control
Internal Communication and Branding & Employee Experience
Customer Journey & Customer Experience Management in the Digital Age



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